The Story of Discothèque

Discothèque is a luxury fragrance brand founded between Los Angeles and London, with everything designed, formulated and crafted between the two.

Co-founders of Discothèque

The disco of the ‘70s and early ‘80s was more than just a dance floor. It was a way of life. A place where misfits and elites, icons and wallflowers could all come together for the love of music. It was inclusive exclusivity, the dance floor the great equalizer.

One night could be legendary. One moment euphoric. One underground club could spawn genres and define an era. It was a place that could make a generation while the DJ played their anthem.

Our candles are designed to give you a little piece of those legendary parties, those cult-favourite clubs, those nights to remember. The feeling is in the fragrance. Each candle is designed to evoke that pure, deep bliss of the dance floor in colours as layered and vibrant as the disco that inspired it.

We believe every fragrance should have a soul and in each candle lives a story.

Every step of the process is carefully curated, from wick to melt to finish. Our candles are crafted and hand-poured in small batches in a U.K. atelier. Quality control is like our bouncer. If you’re a petroleum byproduct or a low-grade wax, you won’t get in. Our candles are made using fully traceable, sustainable, high- grade vegan wax, an all-natural blend of soy and rapeseed oils formulated to melt in an even, slow burn.

If the feeling is in the fragrance, and the disco is in the wax, then our glass is the neon sign over the door. Glowing in ombré. Our signature three-colour gradient glass is crafted by hand. Each colour is individually hand-sprayed, and then heat-set, before the next pigment is applied, creating a layered effect, and making no two Discothèque glasses the same. A one-of-a-kind curio meant to stay in your home long after your candle has burned.

Welcome to Discothèque.
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